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The Large Snake phenomenon [all hail the giants]

Imagine you are gluiding down the river, the Amazon in the 1800's.The story the other night lingers in your mind.You remember dont you?"Gather round "said the captain of the ship "so I can tell you a story that may just save your life!It happened on a trip a few years ago about this time.A fellow was alone on the deck of the boat fishing.The night air tickles his nose and the sounds of the forest come alive by the full moon light.We had all went to bed except this one fellow.I seem to recall telling him that he should come inside or catch fever by the night bugs.No matter he said I will fancy my fishing tonight I want to catch the big one!The big one he did catch said the captain!""What do you mean?" you say in an inquisitive yet hesitive voice."Ohh said the captain would you like to know?" "Well yea" you whisper."Ahh the big one.He is still out there.Many have tried to catch him but he seems to catch the many first." "What do you mean?" you ask.The captain slowly sits down."Well" he says.First we arent talkin fish." "No?" says a guy in the seat next to you."No!" says the captain "we are talking about monsters. Monsters that lurke in the river.Monsters that take you while you are bathing and pull you under the water and crush the life out of you then eat you.......WHOLE!!!Exactly what happened to this fellow.He was grabbed right off of the bow no one wanted to jump in or we would lose our lives as well.It was a big one alright! " "Yea right" you say.But you wonder ..."Do they still exist these these monsters?" "Oh yes said the captain I saw one the other day basking with a fresh meal in its belly on a log by the river no doubt an unsuspecting soul turned luch!" "Well what did it look like?" you ask."leaning forward to hear and take notes."It has beady but all knowing glowing eyes" he says."Its skin shimmers like the armor we wear before war.Its teeth are razor sharp and can cut a man in two!The one I saw yesterday was about 100 feet and as big around as our mast!It was probably longer however because half of it hung down in the water.Its color is muddy green so it can not be seen in the water as it stalks its victims.Its out there the big one just be careful to watch for it.They are as fast as a horse and strong as a tiger once in their grip you will never be let go!I have never seen one close up but I dont intend to I dont think anyone has and lived!Beware the Monster!!

For many large snakes conjur up these types of images.And these images tend to fuel a strong imagination of what these snakes can or in reality cant do.And for some of us we admire one of the most unusual beautiful and awesome creatures on earth.My name is Stuart and I will take you on this tour of Giant snakes!!Just keep your hands in the boat at all times!!Or else!