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Where better to search for our next massive snake but Burma this place is mysterious anyway!Lets rest in a restaraunt before searching for this giant.You can find alot of different dishes of food here.The asian food is very good but the rice here is suppose to be excellent!Speaking of mystical there is a place here called Swe Dagon Pagoda.It is a worship area for Buddhist that rests high on a hill!Would you like to go?You must take your shoes off to enter this place.The whole mountain is completely tiled with beautiful color right outside!The temples look like Palaces and the buildings here are extremely golden and beautiful!What a mysterious myst resting above this hill, very odd.Now lets get to Pythons.We are staying at another farmers house.A snake charmer.Mostly has King Cobras as captives but also uses a couple of Burmese pythons caught in this area in her act.Yes its a women.She kisses the top of her king cobras heads with care to make money from visitors but also grows rice here.She has cleared rice fields just beyond the forest where we are headed to catch our next giant.Make sure you dont take your boots off!Burmese pythons have not been pinned as a killer.In fact there are not many reports of human attacks in the wild with these giants.I wonder why?Is it because they have a better disposition than the rock or anaconda?Well some may argue that but they have probably not dealt with a large upset wild Burmese python.In the old days people use to catch them by throwing a bamboo stick across the neck and tieing the snake to another.This would render the snake unable to move but also may hurt the pythons.Some tribes still use this method today and roast them on an open fire!Large Burmese pythons are more comfortable on the forest floor so it is likely that we will find a giant by our feet!I am slightly upset to not hear any stories of how large these snakes obtain.The largest one ever taped in the wild measured 27 feet and that was in 1880.An 18 foot specimen was killed and found to have eaten a leopard so they can overpower large prey.These areas are less explored so maybe that accounts for its lack of reputation.These snakes frequently like to live in close proximaty to houses and are often found under them!They are usually built on stilts and provide perfect shade and comfort for large pythons even if the owners are a little upset at the residence!They also like the farmers pigs and farm animals and are sometimes killed because they are a nuisence!Since we have not found any giants here we may have to go back to the states since there are many in captivity there.However we have another stop before that!It should be quite exciting maybe the most hyped snake in history!With its hypnotic orange eyes and smug attitude we will be chasing a true legend.So lets get back to the farm grab our things and go after the longest snake in the world! SCARED?WELL YOU CAN GO HOME OR FOLLOW ME!!