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More Boid Review things plus some other stuff!

updated 1/9/98

BOID REVIEW: Safely handling and feeding large constrictors: tips on avoiding problems
BOID REVIEW: Mites: my personal war
BOID REVIEW: 97' export quotas for pythons and boas: quotas for common boids found around the world
virginia serpentarium: my list
Inclusion Body disease: information on this deadly disease
I am a Latter Day Saint [mormon] check out mormon history: it is awesome stuff
My potential offspring: 98' potential offspring interested?
LIKE SOCCER?check out the U.S. tv listings: also how the U.S. team is doing.HEY guys need some help in France I am available!!!
Best english soccer on the net: Hey U.S.I am serious I play center forward e-mail me!!!!!!!
the vivarium magazine online: one of the first and best reptile mags!
virtual nature 2000 vivaria: seriously nice enclosures for those with serious amounts of cash!!
reptilian magazine online: An excellent monthly reptile mag from the U.K.
Vivaria Projects: Awesome vivariums and info from our Netherland friends!
Stokes Tropicals: All types of Awesome plants that can be used in vivariums
BOID REVIEW poem: just a little poem I sat down and wrote
BOID REVIEW *******NEW*******: in support of keeping large constrictors

I LOVE XENA!!SHE ROCKS!! Gabrielle is cool also!

BATTLE ON XENA!!: love the music on this site!
Play the Xena game!battle Callisto in 3d!: how does she keeps those leather clothes clean?find out!
Xena Merchandise: Cool xena shirts and stuff

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