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HI my name is Stuart. Thank you to all who have suffered while I learned my HTML. Everything here is more user friendly. It will be easier now to go back to a review which you previously visited and find the information without looking through one long paragraph. I have also updated a few of the reviews including new breeding information on retics and have placed some new photos and information here and there. I hope you enjoy the new format. What's to come is information and treatment for various boid diseases, and the new pricelist which will be up pretty soon. My new soccer season starts at the end of March so everything should be up by then. As always you can e-mail me with requests for new reviews and helpful information for your snakes even if you didn't buy them from me. I will help you as soon as I can. For now enjoy the review! For all you Netscape users I hope everything looks good I am still working out the kinks.