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This is the boa in question.It has a purple border on the tail.The tongue is purple and red.Otherwise I would say its hypo.Its definatley hypo but t positive comes from the reddish tongue.I am still unsure if this is a t positive however!The only color on the belly is near the tail and is a see through light purple.
Here she is with a sibling.Notice the black around the siblings tail and notice the purple and lack of black around the off colored ones tail:
Here is another with her sibling male?Notice the difference in overall color:
Here is a tail shot to see the color or lack of black that she exhibits:
One thing I can say is that she looks better in person than in these photos.The siblings are still available.There were three of these boas that emerged from a group of 23 infertiles 11 dead 9 live.The other two died.One was completly motley with stripes on either side of the body awesome!!Too bad.But this female did live.Her mother was a connected saddle boa.She produced some complete motleys.Many of the sibs have striped necks and striped tails.They are now gaining lots of pink and turning out quite nice!The motley gene may be variable so its also possible that these babies will produce complete motleys!As well as the color gene!So if youd like to invest and take a chance no guarantees let me know.I have a few people making decisions now but No definate takers yet!Here is a picture of one of the siblings I think female: