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September 98 PYTHONS
0.1 Silver Reticulated Python
(python reticulatus)
14 feet proven breeder tame $300 SALE PENDING
0.1 Malaysian Blood Python
(python curtis brongersmai)
Orange colors proven breeder tame 6year captive $200
1.0 Timor Pythons
(python timorensis)
Awesome little hatchling c.b. $400
1.0 Albino Burmese Python
(python molurus bivittatus)
10 feet 50% Indian python only has one eye! Very tame great pet plus proven breeder give him a good home! $100 SALE PENDING
2.2 TIGER reticulated pythons
{Python reticulatus}
Babies from this year these really are nice looking retics! $450
1.1 SUPER TIGER reticulated pythons
{python reticulatus}
These are one of the most AWESOME looking pythons get them now and breed them with albinos when you can afford them!! $3500PR.
1.0 Childrens Python
(anterisia childreni)
c.b. 94 Barker stock 2 1/2 feet good feeder $120