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Welcome to the online pricelist! We strive to offer you the best in captive born and quality hand picked specimens.We guarantee your satisfaction!How?We offer good advice,quality products,friendly phone manners,open guarantees.What does an open guarantee mean?Well simply this.There are a lot of different things that can happen when you get your reptile so we treat every case differently.Of course we request you tell us of d.o.a. immediately![has never happened though!]Other than that every thing is open for a week dont like your snake we just sent you ,dont think we represented it well?Call us and tell us then Send it back!Not a problem receive a cash return or credit its up to you!We will help you as best as we can!We de worm and flagyl EVERY wild caught snake and lizard we receive at least TWICE before it is offered for sale.!No apparently ill looking snake will EVER be sold by us to you NEVER!Yea we get some imports that we think wont make it but we keep them and take the loss.Do we lose money doing that Heck yea but instead of putting the animal through more torture flying all across america we would rather keep it here and try our best to rehabilitate the animal,and if it dies it will die in peace.It is not pretty and it rips my heart out that some sell reptiles like that and if you own a reptile business youve gotten them as well but not from us!We love EVERY reptile that comes through our doors even those that dont seem to like us much,so after you purchase one from us call a couple of months down the road and we can chat about how it is doing!I personally remember almost each and every specimen I have sold and always hope they are doing well!We do receive things that are not feeding and if you want the animal you may request it however we will make it clear that it is NOT feeding and we will never lie!!If I say it has eaten here then it has.If you think other wise after a week or two of trying give me a call!No problem we can work something out!I hope you will work with us at some point in your herp hobby,we just might be your favorite supplier!