All supplies are shipped U.P.S. at cost.This is calculated by weight.Most reptiles are shipped U.P.S. right to your front door using overnight service.We have ups pick up late 7:00pm or so and the reptiles are delivered to your door at noon or sooner!The animals do not have a long wait to get to their new home.We pack each reptile very carefully to ensure each is secure and will not be tossed around much.Heat packs are used when necessary and boxes are marked LIVE reptiles.Cost varies by weight but is usually between $25 & $35.We are now forced to charge a $10.00 packing fee on shipments as we pack very carefully and use styrofoam lined boxes which are getting more expensive for us.We have never had a d.o.a but if you receive one please let us know within 24 hours.We will probably have you ship it back to us.
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